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Hi! Thanks for checking us out here at Saving Scales Reptile Rescue! 

We are a Michigan based rescue working towards helping reptiles and amphibians (and other exotics) find new homes. We work with pet owners who need to surrender their pets, and animal law enforcement, to take in these interesting critters and help find them new loving homes. Every day is an adventure, and we are never quite sure what is coming in next, but we do our best to educate and advocate for quality pet ownership.
​Surrendering Your Pet


There are plenty of good reasons to need to rehome your animal. Life happens. The most important thing to consider is making a responsible choice on how to rehome if that is what you need to do. We are happy to work with you on why rehoming may or may not be the best choice, and what we can do to help. Our typical process when something comes in is we start a minimum 2 week observation period. During that time, we screen the pet to make sure it is eating, drinking, and showing "normal" behaviors to help screen for illnesses. Once that hold is completed, and we feel the animal is ready for adoption, we work on finding them a new home. Our adoption process includes an application, and we require proof of suitable enclosure.

We are available!

These critters are ready for adoption now. Take a look and see who may be a good fit for your home.

We aren't ready quite yet.....

These pets just came in and are still in the screening program. If you want to take a look, awesome, but we are not ready for placement yet.




August 31st & Sept 1st- A Festival of Oddities, Charlotte

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