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Adoption Program

Our goal is to have good quality adoption and put animals into long term, educated homes. Every adoption starts with a long conversation about what your pet experience is, and what your expectations are. If you want an animal you can cuddle with, we aren't sending you home with a chameleon. You hate the idea of going to the store regularly for live bugs? Maybe a bearded dragon isn't the right fit. We want to work with you to make sure your new pet is the right fit for your home and lifestyle. With that in mind, we help guide people through what to expect from their new pet, and the care required.

Care Guides

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We have two main things we require for an adoption. First is an application, so we know who you are, what your experience is, and to try and screen out any bad apples. Next, to make sure you have done your research, we require proof (typically a photo) of the enclosure you plan on putting the animal in. Sometimes we are able to provide starter enclosures for our adoptions using donated gently used supplies. These enclosures and equipment packages vary in cost depending on size and the amount of things required. 

The next biggest question we get asked is "how much does it cost?". Well, it really depends on the animal. A majority of our standard/basic animals are by donation. Whatever you feel comfortable donating towards the rescue program and animal care. If it is a high end or specialty animal, we may require a minimum fee. Typically 50% of the going sale/show price. This is still a hell of a deal if you are looking for something extra special. We can't just give away all of the animals without some sort of donation or adoption fee, as we are 100% donation funded at this time. The electric bill for the reptile house is ridiculous in the winter, and our frozen rodent order isn't cheap.

Once we have received the application, and proof of enclosure, we are able to set an adoption appointment. Adoptions take place at our facility (unless at a special event) about 20min SE of Lansing. Depending on scheduling, we are most often available weekday evenings and intermittent on the weekends. We do not have "open hours" for people to just stop in and browse animals, but we are happy to set appointments for local adopters once an application is filled out. 

PS- If you are under the age of 18, we WILL need your parent/guardian to be the one filling out the application.

PPS- No, we don't ship, count on driving to our facility for the adoption appointment.

PPPS- Due to employment obligations, we do not adopt out-of-state (outside Michigan) due to CVI paperwork requirements


So that's the program!
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Adopted 2017

Bubble Gum
Adopted 2020

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