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About Us-

How the hell we got started

Saving Scales Reptile Rescue is run by Kate and Jeff Turner. Kate and Jeff have always been animal people, much to their respective parents annoyance. They met though both working at local small business pet store, Preuss Pets. Through mutual friends, they met and did the whole married and kids gig. But the love of reptiles is always something they share a passion for. Throughout careers, Kate ended up working in the animal sheltering field. The scaley critters always managed to make their way to the Turner home for fostering and adoption. Eventually they put a name to the process, and Saving Scales Reptile Rescue of Michigan was created in 2014. Kate sent Jeff a text about it a few days later to let him know. Just how they roll.

After a few moves, and a few kids, the Turners and the rescue landed in Dansville, MI in 2017. A small town that probably doesn't want to know about the massive dubia roach colonies. The hobby farm came with a dedicated outbuilding that was finished into an office, so Jeff promptly claimed it as the reptile house. This finished space has slowly grown through a matter of cage-tetris that Kate continually has "an idea how to make more cage room". Jeff hates that part.

kate with beardie.jpg
charlie with torts.jpg

It took some career moves, but the "conflict of interest" issue was resolved, and in 2022 Saving Scales Reptile Rescue became an official non-profit. Wish we could have seen the face of the IRS person who had to go through that form. Regardless, now the rescue is setting up more placement goals, fundraising, and hopefully an expansion of the reptile house. There are also a few volunteers that have signed on to help with events, transports, and animal care. The village is getting bigger, and the rescue is so grateful for the support!

From the start, Saving Scales Reptile Rescue has focused on safely and responsibly rehoming exotic pets in need. Humane societies and animal shelters do a great job with dogs and cats and other standard domestic pets. However, a ball python doesn't fit very well in a cat cage. Saving Scales is that in-between point. They work directly with pet owners (an law enforcement when needed) to take in pets that would otherwise not have a home, and care for and house them until a new home can be found. Sometimes it's easy, some times it's heartbreaking, sometimes it's "are you freaking kidding me?!?!" but at the end of the day, the animals are the priority.

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